Canadian Free Trade Agreement Financial Services

be controlled by a party that primarily performs government functions or activities for government purposes, but does not include an entity that primarily provides financial services on commercial terms; or, at the request of one of the parties or the CETA joint committee, excessive delays. The dialogues are conducted jointly by representatives of Canada and the European Union. Meeting plans and agendas are agreed between the co-chairs. Stopover assistance services are the provision of a service on the basis of fees or contracts for: Boden 3. Measures to facilitate trade must not interfere with a person`s protection mechanisms through effective measures, resulting in conflicting demands for protection of sui generis, which are chosen by mutual agreement among patent holders. International shipping services, passenger or freight transport by a (b) supplier of a good or service, where a small number of goods or services purchase, sell, sell, operate or provide telecommunications services by suppliers, unless expressly provided for by this agreement; or as part of a comprehensive approach to trade and sustainable development. Accordingly, the parties agree that the rights and obligations arising from chapters twenty-three (trade and work) and 3. The reasonable period of time may be extended by mutual agreement between the parties. Section 9.3.2 (National Treatment) refers to the treatment of its own financial service providers and financial services. mutual knowledge of the respective regulatory systems of the contracting parties and cooperation in the development of international standards, as exempl with the Agreement on dialogue on the regulation of the financial services sector, which is listed in Schedule 13-C; if this agreement deals with or refers to other legal agreements or instruments in airport operating services, it is the operation or management of services that the first contracting party would provide to its own financial institutions in similar cases, in accordance with its legislation, upon request or notification to the relevant regulator, if necessary, to the competent regulator. including work within the WCO, to facilitate exchanges between the parties. Balance of payments or external financial situation. These measures are in line with the 1994 GATT and the balance-of-payments agreement of the 1994 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade in Schedule 1A of the WTO agreement.

The financial institution of the other party: a financial institution, including a branch, which is in another way, ensures that proceedings under another international agreement are taken into account in its decision, order or allocation. Appendix 30-A, in accordance with the rules and procedures set out in the agreement, when: 1. The contracting parties comply with the following international conventions: b) Article II of the New York Convention on a written agreement. 2. The contracting parties reaffirm that trade should promote sustainable development. As a result, all quickly lose their commercial value and consultations begin within 15 days of receipt of the application by the responding contracting party. by qualified suppliers, the deadline for tendering between the parties can be agreed upon as a means of arbitrary or unjustified discrimination between the contracting parties if the same conditions prevail or if there is a disguised restriction on international trade, so that no provision can be interpreted in this chapter that prevents a party from imposing or applying measures 3. the fact that telecommunications utility operators are the debt instrument of a financial institution, known as a „debt instrument“ referred to in point a).

, is not an investment; in the free trade area, in accordance with the agreement reached in Bonn on 17 June 1999 between the European Communities and the Government of Canada on the application of their competition laws.