Service Level Agreement Hardware Maintenance

Services and units are responsible for all planned and unforeseen exchange costs and software for computer hardware, including shipping, cables, devices and locking devices. You will find standard methods to contact STI on ITS and Campus SLA for service. Accommodation services are provided in a secure environment with limited access. There is an uninterrupted source of electricity, air conditioning, and the data center is hydrogenated against natural disasters. The company offers continuous services and maintains protection against viruses. If there is a reasonable doubt about the security of the data center, the customer may order an independent third party to check the data center`s security systems at their own expense and provided that the customer reimburses the company for all costs that the customer must bear during this inspection, including all costs that the company must pay to the data center. Access to data center infrastructure is at the data center`s sole discretion. It is supported without direct charging for services. A small portion of office support services are funded by the User Information Assessment (IU) for which each department is billed. Information User Overview The company provides support services from a support centre in Lebanon that is available to designated support users.

Assistance services are available in English. refers to all new or updated enforcement services or tools (including software) that the entity has made available as an integral part of the services over the life of the service. Service-related problems are addressed based on their severity. The time within which problems are resolved depends on their classification as an error or incident, as described below. Support services include service maintenance and customer platform maintenance, including maintenance and corrective enhancements, as well as after-sales service for services and the customer platform, as described below, including maintenance, upgrades, updates, installation of new versions and repairs that are neither critical nor urgent for hardware and software; The standard desktop support service is an integrated suite of support services for Windows and Mac computers and printers held by universities. The following infrastructure and security are provided in the company`s UK data centres with Rackspace. The company reserves the right to modify the data center over the lifetime, provided that each new data center offers at least the same level of services and security as the current data center. means a service malfunction that can be replicated, that is not an error and whose cause lies in the components of third-party hosting services, network, hardware or software; The designated owner of the audit („document owner“) is responsible for facilitating periodic audits of this document. The content of this document may be amended if necessary, provided that the main stakeholders obtain mutual agreement and are communicated to all parties involved. The holder of the document will take into account all subsequent revisions and will request, if necessary, reciprocal agreements/authorizations. The next audit date: July 1, 2021 To promote standardization and compatibility with commercial systems and services on campus, ITS publishes recommendations for the purchase of Dell and Apple computers, monitors and printers. All university Windows and Mac computers receive support – customers can order external recommendations, but can get better service with standard hardware.